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Let biker feel the weight of the law

Let's hope that when police read 'Darkness looms' (Belfast Telegraph, October 13) they pay Tim Luckhurst a visit! He openly admits "I opened the throttle, roared towards a sweeping left-hander at 70mph" - this does not sound like a motorway. Then, "it pulled eagerly through 90mph". I hope they also charge him with 'aiding and abetting' other bikers to break the law via his column.

We all know why his types buy such machines, capable of 110mph, as it's easy to speed and break the law with impunity. No one is fooled into believing that such idiots are going to purchase these bikes and stay within the law!

As a respectful road user I see these fools every day, with no regard to other people. So, Sir Hugh, make an example of Mr Luckhurst so we can see that something is being done to make our roads safer.

Keith Cruttenden, Carnlough

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