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Let children and charities benefit from switch-ons

It never ceases to amaze me that councillors, put into office by local ratepayers, think they can just spend, spend, spend (News, September 2).

They don't seem to realise that the money they are spending isn't theirs to do with what they like.

I believe there isn't one ratepayer who would begrudge a group of children from cancer hospitals, who may never see another Christmas, switch on the lights in every town in Northern Ireland.

What delight and what joy for a bunch of children who haven't much else to look forward to - instead of paying thousands to some so-called 'superstars' who haven't a note in their heads.

Their fee should be donated to the children's cancer homes.

Oh, don't worry, the crowds would still turn out to see the switching-on and the money would still pour in and the councillors would not be left with egg on their faces.


Holywood, Co Down


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