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Let people vote on plans for the Maze

As the debacle over a new sports stadium at the Maze rolls on, our political masters maintain that it is conditional on a conflict resolution centre/terrorist shrine being incorporated in the development.

This is not the choice of the ordinary citizens of Northern Ireland, be they Orange or Green. It is the demand of our politicians who wish to have remembered the butchers of humanity (again Orange or Green) who carried out such barbarity to their fellow human beings.

If, and when, this 'conflict resolution centre' is built, will it only show the terrorist butchers of humanity?

I believe it should also show the following:

The scattered, broken bodies strewn around the streets like human confetti; those people destined for a life in a wheelchair; the children left parentless, with scarred memories that they will take to their grave, and the sacrifice of the people in the medical profession - be they consultants, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers or whatever, right down to the tea ladies.

Forgive my audacity, but I also have to mention those in the security forces for, without them, where would we be today?

I notice that it is suggested by some that this idyllic conflict resolution centre would be a money-spinning tourist attraction. In other words, a gold mine of revenue to the economy. Is that an honourable way to accrue money?

This, from a country that made itself famous throughout the world for its industrial integrity in the shipbuilding, ropeworks and linen industries, not forgetting Bushmills whiskey.

Is this country now to adopt the morals of a pimp to satisfy the whims of ghouls from foreign lands that, for some perverse reason, wish to gape at such remembrance of barbarity?

This issue is too big and divisive for our politicians to take upon themselves alone. There has to be a referendum of the people on this for, wrongly handled, it would be another catalyst for division in our society when it least needs it.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin

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