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Let those who made the mess help pay for it

When the new Prime Minister David Cameron took office he stated one of his aims was to improve the standing of living of pensioners in the UK.

The steps recently announced to change the method of determining the increase in the state pensions allowance is to be welcomed and is long overdue.

This was altered some years ago by a previous Tory Government and has resulted in a considerable loss to pensioners over the last number of years.

However, nothing has been done or mentioned of the insulting five pence per week allowance paid to pensioners over 80.

This has been going for for years and is worthy of some third world country.

While the Prime Minister is very eager for all of the people to help get the country back on its feet, in my opinion pensioners have never benefited to any extent from the country's profitability.

I think it is time some of the MPs who got us into this mess were asked to pay - especially those who have left with the generous pension and expenses that they awarded to themselves.