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Let us build a better future

What is missing from the continuing debate over recent 'dissident' republican attacks is the hypocrisy of those political parties who have moved from poachers to gamekeepers.

Armed struggle is as counter-productive and wrong now as it was 25 years ago, serving to merely cement sectarian divisions and copper-fasten partition.

The problem is not, as some 'dissidents' suggest, of the Sinn Fein leadership selling out, but the product of a movement driven from top-down centralised control which minimised and crushed constructive debate. The continuing harrassment of republicans and their families and the repressive use of stop-and-search powers is systematic of states generally which are inherently violent and are the greatest practitioners of terrorism at home and abroad.

The challenge is to build a movement which uproots oppression and exploitation in its path. We need to consign the politics of green and orange to history and build a future that offers freedom and equality to all.


Crumlin, Co Antrim


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