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Let's all celebrate the use of Irish and Ulster Scots

I refer to The Big Interview (DebateNI, March 9), in which I featured. I am quoted as saying, "I had never any interest in Ulster Scots" and, although this is not a misquote, it does misrepresent my viewpoint.

In the interview, I explained that it was through my interest in the Irish language that I became interested in Ulster Scots and that it was people within the Irish language community who taught me to have respect for Ulster Scots language and culture.

As part of my job, I promote both Gaelic and Ulster Scots and believe the people of Northern Ireland should have the opportunity to engage with all cultural experience.

We are English speakers who use beautiful Gaelic and Scots words in our everyday speech. We are surrounded by both Gaelic and Scots place names.

This is something to be celebrated, rather than being denied.


Irish language development officer

East Belfast Mission

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