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Let's back Britain now we are free from EU

Now we have voted to take responsibility for our country's future, what do we need to do?

Develop a strategy to rebuild industry with reliable and cheap energy. Build nuclear power stations ourselves. Make firms, Government departments and local authorities buy British. Use British steel. Develop an innovation strategy; invest more in research and development and in technical and engineering education.

Design an immigration policy to meet our needs and plan the public services needed to house, school and provide healthcare for all who live and work here.

Support our farmers. Rebuild our fishing industry; our fishermen should fish in all our waters. Promote growth and full employment, which would reduce inequality. Rebuild our trade unions, from the workplace, to fight for pay and conditions.

In the EU we were trapped inside its treaty-driven austerity, its treaty-determined privatisations and its pro-corporation trade treaties.

Outside, we can do better.


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