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Let's bin this bad habit of dropping litter

On a recent short trip to Austria (passing through Germany en route) I truly thought I was in another world. The reason?

I didn't see one trace of litter, or-fly tipped waste, anywhere - and believe me I was looking.

Country roadsides, village/town roads and parking areas were all free from the blight that continues to scourge our environment.

The impression I got from the people/country was that it simply did not register with the population to drop litter; they have more respect and pride in the beautiful place that they live in.

There is no reason why we, too, cannot achieve the same and clean this country up. So, please take some pride in your local area.

If you see someone littering, be brave; inform them that it is not socially acceptable and it costs us all millions every year. We have to share this place with each other.


Rasharkin, Co Antrim


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