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Let's form new trade bloc and break away from EU

I am a Eurosceptic based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and I am convinced that we genuine patriots, who believe in the right to self-determination, should be able to self-govern our respective nations without interference from the European Union.

The UK is the fifth-largest economy in the world and has access to the Commonwealth nations, such as Canada and Australia. I believe most vehemently that the UK should organise its own trading bloc with Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, based on voluntary co-operation - not the political union that has devastated the economies of the eurozone, such as Greece.

The trade bloc that we could form, with the consent of our citizens, would be sufficient to compete with the discredited and ever-bankrupting EU.

I propose that the new trading bloc has no flag, no anthem, no bureaucracy, no elected officialdom, and we oppose any extension of the free movement of labour to Turkey that Angela Merkel wants.

I believe in freedom and co-operation between our respective nations and I believe that, united as a trading bloc based on voluntary co-operation, we can build stronger economies, strong skills-base and a real functioning economic powerhouse to provide rising prosperity for our citizens.


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