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Let's hear it for the creationists

How sad that many who hold on to their evolutionary 'faith' are so dogmatic that they will not allow creation a platform.

I have to admire their 'faith' in that they believe from nothing, absolutely nothing - no vacuum, no darkness, no time, no space, no design.

Are they really so scared that they cannot let the creationist view have a platform? I found it very sad that evolution has moved from a 'theory' to a 'fact' in the Ulster Museum. Do they know something that I do not?

I think that it would be beneficial to have a debate with those who hold to creation against the evolution theorists.

I think it would be a great service for the Belfast Telegraph to promote this. It would be a great public service as the creationist voice, which is held by a significant proportion of the people in Northern Ireland, is not being heard.




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