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Let's hope history is not repeating itself

I sometimes despair at evangelical Christians like Colin Nevin (Write Back, March 3), who praised Donald Trump's speech at the joint meeting of Congress.

What stood out for him was Trump's reference to the Bible and his praise of God. This is the very same man who boasts about groping women. He is talking about the tax-dodger who refuses to disclose his tax returns and slashes taxes for the super-rich, wants to abolish Obama's healthcare programme and leave 24 million people without medical cover and slashes government programmes for the poor and unemployed.

Trump claimed his phone was tapped by Obama, without producing any evidence, and dissembled about the number of people who attended his inauguration.

The USA has elevated to its highest office a fascist by any other name and it's going to be terrifying. In 1933, Hitler became Germany's Chancellor. Let's hope history is not repeating itself.

andy barr,

Bangor, Co Down

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