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Let's just bring back direct rule

Once again, there is crisis in Stormont and threats of the Assembly collapsing.

I, like many others, would welcome the demise of this Mickey Mouse comic opera and bring back direct rule and have professional politicians from Westminster run the country.

Citizens here would then have the same benefits as the rest of the UK, without all the squabbling about differentials.

Having paid into the health service since 1946, I want to be treated the same as my equals in the rest of the UK.

Whether I get an increase, decrease, or my benefits remain the same, I don't want Sinn Fein, or the SDLP, dictating to me what I should have.

As Peter Robinson has admitted that this Assembly is dysfunctional, why won't they get out? Maybe it is the rich pickings that are holding it together.


Carryduff, Co Down

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