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Let's make this the year to end disgrace in Syria

Is it too much to ask that a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict could be seriously attempted by our international statespersons in 2016?

Last year was a disgraceful one, with one Western power vying with another over their willingness to bombard this unfortunate country.

Bombing has achieved only further loss of life, destruction of infrastructure and the dislodgement of millions of displaced persons and refugees. We must add to this scandal the further mayhem being caused by Isis.

The international arms industry is the only winner in this conflict, with the West arming Saudi Arabia and the Saudis in turn arming their Isis friends.

Some people believe a military solution is the way forward, but such a macho approach only further fuels the conflict. The road of militarism leads only to chaos and human destruction.

This continuing conflict is a crime against humanity and is screaming for a just and peaceful resolution in 2016.


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