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Let's not return to the days of mud-slinging

Why is there so little comment about the vocal Jim Allister's stance on the local political scene?

Having been in local politics for about 12 years I note that TUV language is very similar to that of right-wing unionists of 12 or so years ago. TUV still talks about IRA/Sinn Fein, terrorists in government etc.

In the last decade I have talked to and worked with people whose views and actions I did not support, whose views and actions led to untold misery and were futile.

I believe this has helped in a small way for us all to make progress, to understand each other, to realise we don't all wake up each morning and reach for a flag in which to wrap ourselves.

We are in a new era, where most people want to improve the lot of everyone.


Alliance Councillor