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Let's remember sacrifices made in Great War

I am deeply concerned that the centenary commemoration of the outbreak of the Great War seems to be receiving very little in the way of publicity.

I wish to stress I'm not wishing to enter into, or stir up, any sectarian feelings. But I'd like to know if there is any event being planned for Northern Ireland to remember in a symbolic way the millions who died?

I know that some people are planning to switch off the lights in their homes for one hour at 10pm on August 4, remembering the words of Lord Edward Grey: "All over Europe the lights are going out."

When the bullets were firing and ships were being sunk no one was asking what was the religion of the victim. Researching my own family I discovered how a father was killed in the First World War and his only son died in the Second World War. Such tragedies could be multiplied. Is it not possible to do something to remember.



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