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Let's see some leadership over airport growth

I totally agree with Neil C Oliver (Write Back, May 21) re George Best Belfast City Airport. I live on the flightpath and do not have a problem with plane noise.

Furthermore, it is somewhat pathetic that, in spite of living about 10 miles from two airports - Belfast International and George Best Belfast City - I recently had to drive 100 miles to Dublin Airport to take a flight with Ryanair to Bergamo in Italy.

It is interesting to note that Bergamo Airport has only one runway, but is capable of landing planes full to capacity all-year round. Also, its location is very similar to both of our assets regarding flightpaths over the city, length of runway, and proximity to motorway.

Isn't it about time the politicians, in conjunction with the Chamber of Trade and the Tourist Board, permitted airlines to fly year-round from our "assets" to many other European cities, seeing growth for the economy and - dare I say - stability? Let us see some leadership.



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