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Let's unite the people before any referendum

I WOULD like to respond to Sean Fearon's question as posed in the Belfast Telegraph (Write Back, October 15): 'Should Ireland be a united and independent country?'

In the first instance, the Republic of Ireland sold what independence it had when the people of the Republic democratically voted to join the European Union.

Mr Fearon states that the purpose of this vote is not to generate division, but what else can it achieve?

Mr Fearon poses the question: "Is an all-Ireland government best-placed to deliver prosperity, equality and reconciliation, or should that rest with an unaccountable and unelected government in Westminster?"

This same question equally applies to the unaccountable and unelected European Union. Before we begin to think of holding any referendum on the reunification of Ireland to become an independent nation, the Republic of Ireland would need to disconnect from the European Union (equally as Northern Ireland would need to disconnect from Britain).

I note that Mr Fearon is the chairperson of QUB Sinn Fein, so I say to him the mistake Sinn Fein made was to involve itself in violence to achieve its aim.

It is a fact of life that polls generate division – so forget about polls.

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Rather, extend the hand of friendship within the status quo.

When you unite the people, the country will unite itself.


Kircubbin, Co Down