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Letter of the day: Article about people coming back to church to celebrate Christmas season moved me to tears

Church attendance

I have just finished reading Michael Kelly's article: "Why even those who do not darken the door of a church all year are still pulled back in by the Christmas story" (Saturday Review, December 22).

I read it out loud to my mum as she was putting away the Christmas food shopping. Twice, I had to stop and take my glasses off to wipe the tears from my eyes to enable me to continue reading.

My little daughter asked me if I was crying. When I said "yes", she asked me: "Has dad died or something?" Right now, she is probably thinking more about playing with all of her new toys and presents, but then again, she is only seven.

However, she was with me at church (Church of Ireland) on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

I am one of those ones who is there every Sunday, but I am delighted to see those who aren't there every Sunday attend on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I love sharing with them something that is so precious to me all year round - even if it is only once a year.

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And I, too, harbour a secret prayer that something will touch their heart and bring them back in January.

Thank you, Michael, for your article. It was beautiful and poignant and spoke of a great truth: of the desire of the human heart to find their rest in God through Jesus Christ.

Yours in the Christ we both share.


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