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Letter of the Day: Collapse of the Assembly is a chance to sweep away two decades of failure and start afresh

Power-sharing problems


Your Viewpoint (December 17), 'Public must speak out about Stormont', misses the point about the absence of our devolved Assembly and Executive.

The editorial highlights the need for the public to show their discontent about the pathetic performances of our politicians, and urges we demand better.

People demand progress in political institutions designed to arrest progress.

However, many are now realising that, far from the collapse of Stormont being a problem, we are at last being presented with a chance to sweep away the political and civil stagnation of the last 20 years.

Some washed-up American Democrat politician might arrive in Northern Ireland tomorrow and, after a few weeks of negotiation with the soporific leaderships of the local mini-parties, produce a new, bells-and-whistles agreement.

With great fanfare, the new Assembly and Executive might then be reinstalled at Stormont.

With grim inevitability, that Assembly would be brought down by its members in a couple of years.

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The answer to continuously failing devolution must not be more failing devolution. Devolution has not worked - and will not work - for Northern Ireland.

When Sinn Fein collapsed the devolved Assembly in 2017, the people elected a new Assembly by democratic election.

One of the problems with our brand of devolution is our Assembly is effectively powerless. The dangerous legacy of the Good Friday Agreement puts huge obstacles, such as petitions of concern, legal challenges and more, in the way of any sort of efficient government.

It's time to sweep away devolution, increase the powers of our councils and pressure our MPs at Westminster to do their jobs - or face redundancy.


Lisburn, Co Antrim