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Letter of the day: Do politicians in Republic not realise that a border already exists between Ireland and Great Britain?

Brexit fallout

I DON'T know what Leo Varadkar is waffling on about, but he obviously doesn't travel between the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland, to mainland Britain very often, because there is a border.

I can give you a few simple examples of my experience in 2017. The last three times I have travelled, I have been checked by, wait for it, border patrol/customs.

Travelling through Cairnryan, going to Belfast, I was stopped and questioned, asked to show what I was carrying in my van and show my passport.

At Holyhead, I was stopped and questioned when I was going back to Dublin. When I informed them that there were people trying to get into vehicles to be smuggled across, their only question was "Were they black?". When I said no, the conversation finished. (Obviously, it must be a regular happening.)

Then, just two weeks ago, I was stopped in Holyhead after travelling from Dublin. I was asked for my passport and had to open my van and explain my reason for being there. A few days later, coming into Dublin, I was again stopped by customs. Amazing.

This has, more or less, been the way anytime I have made these trips, so I don't know why our Irish politicians are being so ignorant to the British (probably because they need to show that they are good little Europeans). Well, they are not representing me.

There are very simple solutions to Brexit, regarding customs. We can have trucks fitted with barcodes and then scanned.

There are many options, but all I seem to hear is politicians scaremongering (and God forbid anyone who says they believe Brexit is a good thing).



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