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Letter of the day: Love of God and being 'born again' most important things for Christians who have same-sex feelings


Andy Barr states (Write Back, February 27) that people are born gay and no amount of praying will change that. I would like to see Andy's scientific proof for this. As far as I know, no one has located the so-called 'gay gene'.

The problem with heredity and genes is that such are passed down from parent to children. But to allow parents to be exclusively 'gay', the usual procreation cycle will not exist.

I do believe that people do experience varying degrees of same-sex attraction, depending on the individual case. But to conclude that God is the designer of such puts the concept of God's reproductive plans in jeopardy.

As for praying, not all Christians who have same-sex attracted feelings pray exclusively for some miraculous healing, but usually have to work through the issues of their faith and their sexuality with sensitivity and some practical considerations, such as a decision to be abstinent.

I know this will not suit every person, but there is no compromise available within evangelical Christianity for any middle path. This is the position I have been faced with for many years now and it is not an easy path. But the love of God is an anchor when all other earthly loves fade and fail.

We can pray for each other in support, but when human support fails - and some Christians can be very misunderstanding of a gay person who comes to faith - it is the love of God in the end that is the rock that we can hold on to.

It is not about being 'born gay', but being 'born again' that really matters.


Bangor, Co Down

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