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Letter of the day: The Republic prospered while our self-serving MLAs were busy running Northern Ireland into the ground


CAN we please have permanent direct rule instead a local Assembly? This request is made on the basis of the record of total and absolute failure of the Executive to deliver stable and productive government during its entire 20-plus years of existence.

As proof of this, one only has to look at the current status of Northern Ireland, as verified by some key indicators, and compare our situation to that of our nearest neighbours in the Irish Republic over the same period.

Northern Ireland is rock-bottom when comes to vital infrastructure investment. We do not even have a motorway link to our second city. By comparison, Dublin is connected to every main city in the Republic by a seamless network of world-class motorways.

While Belfast International Airport offers no regular scheduled flights to the US, Dublin Airport is now Europe's fastest-growing terminal, with direct flights to most major American and Canadian cities, as well as, of course, all the main European countries.

This is because Dublin planned and invested, while Stormont did nothing but bicker over flags and dead languages.

We have the worst traffic congestion in the UK and, to confirm economic stagnation, Belfast has the highest percentage of boarded-up shops of any UK city.

By comparison, less than 1% of Dublin's shops are vacant and it has a vibrant city centre served by the amazing rapid transit Luas tram system.

There has to be a better alternative to our MLAs, who have rightly earned the name of 'do-nothings', because, as Northern Ireland continues to fall apart, they continue to do absolutely nothing except cash their massive salary cheques.


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