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Letter of the day: Time for Northern Ireland and British Industry to bring pressure to bear on PM's deal doubters

Brexit debate


Faced with a significant number of her own MPs, as well as all of the DUP, refusing to accept Theresa May's withdrawal agreement, which is backed by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in Northern Ireland and the Ulster Farmers' Union, one wonders if the DUP lives in a "parallel universe" and in complete disregard of its own business community which survives to a large extent through trade with Europe?

With the critical date for Parliament "rubber-stamping" the withdrawal agreement looming ever nearer, Northern Ireland and British industry need to put pressure on the doubter MPs by discrediting those like the DUP who oppose the wishes of their trade and industry and the majority of the people of our United Kingdom.

Of course the one "damp squib" which has, apparently, produced doubts in the minds of DUP and others is the so called "backstop" where the focus remains on the EU agreeing to introduce guarantees which will avoid permanent links to the customs union.

Of course the answer and solution could lie with the Taoiseach and the Dail agreeing to establish immigration controls on people travelling between the EU and Ireland of a similar nature to those currently under discussion in England. Surely that's not the end of the world for the Taoiseach or his citizens?

Given the historic links Ireland has with Great Britain and the importance of her trade with the UK, there is every reason for the Irish Government to support the withdrawal agreement, if for no other reason than its own self-interest.

Ian Beattie MBE


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