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Letter of the day: Turn to the Consumer Council for assistance with compensation over Ryanair's axed flights

Letter of the day: holiday disruption

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor
Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

THE Consumer Council is disappointed to read your article (News, November 10) about those passengers that have had their holiday plans disrupted by Ryanair's decision to cancel flights from Belfast to Gatwick and offer passengers an alternative flight to Stansted.

When an airline cancels a flight, European rules state you are entitled to a full refund, an alternative flight at the earliest opportunity, or re-routing under comparable conditions.

Passengers are entitled to get money back for all parts of the ticket they have not used.

For instance, if you have booked a return flight and the outbound leg is cancelled, you can get the full cost of the return ticket back from the airline.

If you still want to travel, your airline must find you an alternative flight. It is up to you whether to fly as soon as possible after the cancelled flight, or at a later date that suits you. Airlines often refer to this as being 'rerouted'.

Although most airlines will book you onto another of their flights to the same destination, if an alternative airline is flying there significantly sooner then you may have the right to be booked onto that flight instead. You can discuss this with your airline.

Anyone that has been affected by an airline's decision to cancel a flight can contact The Consumer Council via our freephone number - 0800 121 6022 - or email for further information on your rights.

We can also help you make a complaint to the airline if you are not happy with the response which they have provided.


Chief Executive, The Consumer Council

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