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Letter of the day: Unionists should be at the top table in the EU talks over Brexit's impact on the Irish border

Withdrawal negotiations

On BBC Panorama, the Prime Minister said: "The people of Northern Ireland deserve to be listened to in these negotiations by the UK as people elsewhere in the country, and it's important that we deliver for the people of Northern Ireland."

Hear, hear, Mrs May. Unionists agree with you and it's better late than never.

Unionism needs to be explained in Brussels to cut across the Irish blarney over the border.

Mrs May also needs to know that the right to self-determination in Northern Ireland belongs to unionism.

With the border issues identified by Barnier as the single important priority obstacle preventing an exit on EU terms, it is implausible that unionism has not been included at the top table in the Brexit negotiations. No agreement on the border can be given credence without unionist consent.

Most expert commentators are predicting that the likely conclusion on the border will be a delicate piece of fudge, and it is equally likely that such a dithering outcome will have serious repercussions for unionism.

If the Prime Minister is really sincere in batting for the Union, she will relate to the unionist people, who feel left out in the cold over the Brexit border complexities.

Her interview position is an open invitation for Nigel Dodd's to call into No 10 to offer DUP back-up to the Brexit negotiating team in the guise of personnel with their bags packed for Brussels.

They cannot afford to waste this golden, once-only opportunity. Fighting the corner of Northern Ireland PLC is best done by those who fully represent the interests of unionism, especially with its backs to the wall.

David McNarry

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