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Letters: Time we replaced incompetent politicians who do nothing to revive our once-vibrant economy



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Only three generations ago, 80% of the industrial output of Ireland came from Belfast and surrounding counties.

Two generations ago, dozens of companies founded in the north's once-dynamic economic environment were listed on the London Stock Exchange. Northern Ireland was prosperous.

The current situation is very different. Instead of producing 80% of Ireland's industrial output, as we did in 1921, we in the north now produce less than 10%. During roughly the same period, Northern Ireland's export share has fallen catastrophically to the point where we now produce a mere 6% of the total exports that come from this island.

Average income per head in Northern Ireland is now only 59% of average income per head in the Republic.

If a business enterprise performed as badly as this, the owners would sack the management team and appoint a new one. Most of the political leaders who presided over this withering away of our once-vibrant economy have already left the stage. It is long-past time for effective action from those who remain.

Northern Ireland voters have repeatedly been called on to elect a new management team. They still live in hope that our MLAs will collectively do something to regenerate our economy.

Breaking up for summer recess without even forming an Assembly is not a constructive start and demonstrates they've little or no appreciation of the urgency required. There'll never be a better time for them to start than right now.

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