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Letters: Truth will out as a leopard cannot change its spots

Martin McGuinness complains about the "dark side of policing". But how can there be a "dark side"?

Adams, McGuinness, Mowlam and Blair – aided and abetted by Patten – ensured that they got the police service they wanted.

McGuinness asserts that it is "politically motivated policing". He ignores the fact that Adams was hoping to score a PR triumph (it's election time, after all), so volunteered to present himself to the PSNI.

What a shock for Adams and McGuinness. "The reformers" cannot ignore the rule of law and so Adams is interrogated at length.

Accept it, McGuinness. The truth will out. All your whingeing will not stop the truth being discovered. It may frustrate it, but time will tell.

Many people who opposed the Belfast Agreement were castigated for living in the past – we were castigated for suggesting that a leopard cannot change its spots.

Let there be no doubt, the days following Gerry Adams's detention will determine whether we were right or wrong.

Already Sinn Fein warns us that, if they don't get what they want, they will show their true colours.

So stand by for street protests, attacks on the police, traffic disruption and the rest. Nothing has changed.

A leopard cannot – and will not – change its spots. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

McGuinness's PSNI remarks disgraceful

I write in relation to disgraceful comments made by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness regarding Sinn Fein's support for policing (News, May 3).

Mr McGuinness stated that Sinn Fein would "review" their support for the police if the arrest and detention of Gerry Adams was not dealt with in a satisfactory manner. This is a disgraceful statement, which has the potential to destabilise the peace process.

Devolution was restored on the basis of Sinn Fein supporting the police and the rule of law. On the strength of this promise policing and justice powers were devolved.

If Martin McGuinness's support for policing and the rule of law is so shallow it throws into question the very basis of devolution.


Chairman, Ulster Young Unionist Council

SF support for law is lacking

So, Martin McGuinness threatens to review Sinn Fein's support for the PSNI. I have yet to see one instance where they have supported the police by handing over one murderer or bomber.

The Jean McConville murder could be resolved if Sinn Fein/IRA handed in the cowardly thugs who murdered a frail, defenceless mother, leaving 10 orphans.

The McConville family deserve to see these thugs brought to justice. By suggesting that Sinn Fein could withdraw their support for the police exposes their political instability and immaturity.


Carryduff, Co Down

Will police now arrest Paras?

Can we now expect the PSNI to seek to interview those responsible for ordering or carrying out the killing of 13 civil rights marchers in Derry on January 30, 1972?

Or if Lt-Col Derek Wilford, the officer commanding the Parachute Regiment, will be stripped of his OBE?



God's work can be seen by all

In relation to the debate on God and the universe, I recently heard the story of a man who took his three-year-old son on a country walk and came upon a pile of rocks forming a perfect tower.

Even the young boy knew that stones just don't stack themselves. The tower had to be the work of an intelligent being. When we observe patterns and design in the natural order, it is reasonable to understand that there must be an intelligence that underlies it all.

A child can understand this, but not, apparently, your average village atheist. Sad, really.


By email

Let politicians sing for our vote

It must be election time again. Every lamppost and pole in the country seems to receive the unsolicited attention of sitting, incoming and outgoing MEPs and councillors as they engage in the pole/poll-dancing competitions.

Maybe it would be more interesting if candidates blogged, tweeted and Twittered, recited and maybe sang their best lines for the right to receive the No.1 spot on our ballot papers?


By email

Zoos' duty is to protect animals

The theft from Blackpool Zoo of endangered monkeys is a reminder of the huge illegal market for wild animals and birds across the globe. These animals were stolen to order.

Zoos need to provide more protection. A failure to do so will encourage the cruel thieves and result in increased suffering and misery for stolen animals.


Belfast City Council

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