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Letters: Voters must not ignore the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein condolences for innocent victims of Manchester


Firstly, can I congratulate Eilis O'Hanlon for calling it as it is (Comment, May 24)? Sinn Fein's condemnation of the Manchester bomb is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Likewise, calling out hypocrisy is not whataboutery; it is calling out hypocrisy and here in Northern Ireland we have a lot to call out.

Take all those who will sign books of condolence, lament the death of children in Manchester and yet will stream to the polling booths on June 8 and still vote for Sinn Fein, never once calling them to account for the atrocities of the IRA or their attitudes to the atrocities of the IRA.

The death of innocents by indiscriminate bombs in Belfast, Derry, Claudy, or Banbridge is no different than the death of innocents in Manchester. A well-articulated narrative of victimhood doesn't justify one death, and those that carried such acts out weren't freedom fighters.

Thankfully, we live in a democracy and we can call our politicians to account. And, thankfully, we the people can force change, but only if we want to.

Sinn Fein have in recent days found themselves hoisted on their own petard. It is unacceptable to justify the IRA's indiscriminate campaign against the people of the United Kingdom and Ireland while at the same time condemning the Manchester atrocity. Unless, of course, you believe in some twisted way the people of the UK and Ireland deserved it.

Clearly, in a perverse way, this is what Sinn Fein believe. They believe the children of Manchester, Warrington, Belfast and Derry deserved to die at the hands of IRA "freedom fighters", but not at the hands of Isis "freedom fighters".

Sadly, many here will ignore the hypocrisy and vote for Sinn Fein, salving their consciences with: "But sure, those children the IRA killed died a long time ago, sure we have peace now." Surely, we are better than this?


Portadown, Co Armagh


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