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LGBT lobbyists are guilty of double standards

Anthony Flynn really needs to acquaint himself with a good dictionary and a good history book (Write Back, December 8).

He appears virtuous for standing up against the bullying of supposed LGBT children, yet when he then identifies Stella Wilson as homophobic, he is, however, resorting to name-calling.

Having taken the opportunity to re-read Ms Wilson's letter (Write Back, December 4), I can find no evidence of an "extreme abnormal fear" (ie a phobia) of homosexuals. Any discussion with children about sexuality, even in the context of bullying, is highly likely to cause them to become interested in sex, even if that interest is in thought only, rather than in deed.

Ms Wilson merely expressed a desire to allow children "to enjoy their childhood without more and more sex being pushed at them". No distinction was made between heterosexual and LGBT sex.

Some LGBT lobbyists appear to preach the need for equality when it comes to marriage, adoption, blood donations etc. Then, when it suits, they exhibit double standards by demanding to be treated differently than others, eg bullying, "Queer Greens NI" (why not just be a Green?).

Most of us are well-acquainted with 20th century history, in particular the merciless persecution of homosexuals, among others, in Nazi/Communist-occupied Europe. It is somewhat ironic that the once-persecuted have become the new persecutors.

They attempt to deny the human rights of others (eg freedom of thought, expression etc). They tell us what we can/cannot say and attempt to silence those who hold opposing views.

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In some instances, lobbyists, whatever their particular interest (LGBT, animal rights, climate change) are the new fascists of the 21st century.

The world stood up to them last century and won. History has a tendency to repeat itself.