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Liam, don't ditch Catholic faith for Islam

I WISH to encourage actor Liam Neeson not to renounce his Catholic faith to become a Muslim (News, January 25).

In his book The Great Christian Heresies, Hilaire Belloc classifies Islam as a Christian heresy. The foundation of Mohammed's teaching is Catholicism, which he took and simplified to suit his own personal convictions.

His central heresy is a full denial of the incarnation. He taught that our Lord was merely a prophet; a man like other men.

The Mohammedan movement was essentially a 'Reformation' and we can discover numerous affinities between Islam and Protestant reformers.

This radical, individualistic, decentralisation of truth, when followed to its logical conclusion, culminates in moral relativism - the belief that all religions are equally valid.

It is a contradiction, for example, to claim that God is, at once, both a personal being (as Catholics hold) and a non-personal entity (as Buddhists claim).

At the heart of Liam Neeson's confusion, I would suggest, is the desire to want to measure the truth of his Catholic faith by modern society's individualistic standards.


Ontario, Canada


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