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Library staff are adding sunshine to children's lives

This week I brought my four-year-old grandson Se to Warrenpoint library so we could get some new books to read. Se lives in Belfast, but was on his holidays with me and his grandad for a few days. He is a member of the library in Belfast and loves going with his mammy.

I walked into Warrenpoint library and it was buzzing with children reading, on computers and talking to each other. It was bright and airy and the displays of books were great.

The staff were so lovely, really encouraging the children. Se picked his books and then went up himself to take them out. He was asked did he want to join record breakers - summer reading challenge 2015 - which he did.

He got a great poster, a yellow armband and chart and every time he comes back he gets stickers to add to his poster. Se chose to read five books as his challenge.

Se skipped along as we left the library, full of chatter, clutching his books and his poster. That night we read the four books together and he went to sleep as happy as Larry.

The books were brought back this morning and he got his stickers to add to his poster. As I walked, in three more children were signing up to the challenge.

Well done to all the staff in Warrenpoint library - keep up the good work.


MLA for South Down

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