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Libyan freedom is Government propaganda

A MILITIA of mercenaries and veterans of the Iraqi campaign have seized power in Libya and Alistair Burt, Foreign Office minister, is talking about freedom and how the Libyan people are now feeling in control of their own country.

Really? It's a nice story, Alistair, but solely intended for the terminally naive among us.

Government propaganda could not get more insidious. Orwell wouldn't get a look in.

In the next few years we'll see the first American military base being built on Libyan soil. Western oil companies will divide up Libya's oil reserves. A compliant government will be put into place.

The Libyan people will have the freedom to buy an ever-expanding choice of Western consumer products and they will be able to decide what they want - as long as it complies with Western strategic objectives.


Hillsborough, Co Down


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