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Libyan intervention caused more issues


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

In the Belfast Telegraph, much was made of the Government's refusal to pressurise Libya into compensating victims here in Northern Ireland.

Libya can't agree to any payment to victims, as there isn't a unified government at present.

Thanks to the intervention of then Prime Minister David Cameron and others, the stability of the country was destroyed.

By following the mirage of the 'Arab Spring', the UK and the US showed they had learnt nothing from the Iraq war. Gaddafi was slowly moderating his approach to the West and had already given some money to victims in Europe. But this was not enough for our leaders.

As with Tony Blair before him, Mr Cameron thought more to make a name for himself by making Libya become a "democracy", without seeing that the different factions would start fighting each other.

And what happened to Gaddafi's personal fortune of some $200bn?

Like the peace, it seems to have disappeared, too.

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