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Licence fee means BBC service is far from free

I refer to Ed Curran's recent article printed in the Belfast Telegraph (Comment, July 12) in which he wrote about the cost of the BBC's World Cup studio in South Africa.

For many years now the BBC has been spending public money like there was no tomorrow, and it has to stop.

Do the BBC really think anybody cares about the view outside the studio? Of course not. All the viewers were interested in was the football, which is why they would have been watching in the first place.

But what makes it even more laughable was that they couldn't even hire a British company to build the studio.

The BBC also needs to stop advertising all the sport that they show as 'free-to-air', when it is very clear that it is not. Perhaps, of course, the BBC think that £145 for a TV licence is free, but I do not.

At least Sky will openly tell everybody how much they are going to charge them for a subscription, and not try and argue that it is free.

And, of course, people have to pay for the BBC licence even if they never watch the BBC.

With the number of satellite channels that are now available, there is probably a substantial number of people in the country who would fall into this category.

If the BBC wants to continue asking people for £145-a-year, then they should stop trying to tell us it is free.

Carrickfergus, Co Antrim


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