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Licence law shambles shows it’s high time our cynical, self-serving politicians got on their bikes


The Nolan Show has made good mileage this week in its circular debate over treating electric bicycles in the same way as motorcycles under the present driving licence legislation.

The intention of the Department of Infrastructure is to bring forward legislation to the Assembly to amend this absurdity and bring the law into line with the rest of the UK.

The failure to do so has widespread ramifications for the bicycle trade and consumers alike.

While this story makes for good radio, the real issue is that Northern Ireland has no functioning government to address these issues, and the recall of the Assembly and the Executive is still in doubt. That the legislation could have been changed before the Assembly collapsed is a further example of the inability of our devolved government to function efficiently at even a basic level.

It beats me that, while newspaper columns and the airwaves are full of any other stories they can find, there is no sustained outcry for functioning government.

It shows the complete cynicism of the DUP and Sinn Fein in their faux concern for the electorate.

The British Government, in turn, desperate to cling to the wreckage of mandatory coalition government at any cost, is abdicating its responsibility to provide a functioning government in Northern Ireland.

Further, it shows a population weary of the political impasse and indifferent to Stormont's return.

It is now time to bring this disgrace to an end and for the British Government to introduce direct rule and to start addressing the myriad social, economic and legislative issues that the local political parties have consistently failed to address in their self-absorption on their own political agendas over the needs of the electorate.


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