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Life could indeed have come from nothing

In reply to J Brown (Write Back, December 6), I would have to agree that while, currently, there is no "proof" of how space, time and matter came into being, there is considerable "evidence" that the well-documented "Big Bang Theory" of the birth of our universe is correct.

In the absence of absolute proof, science has to deal with hypotheses in the light of available evidence. It is not unlike a court of law.

Creationists, on the other hand, have only the "God Hypothesis", which cannot be refuted, and is, therefore, by definition, not a scientific hypothesis.

The Bible proves nothing. It is a collection of statements that are claimed to be true and only some of which are scientifically testable.

Mr Brown's assertion that something cannot be created from nothing is quite wrong. Empty space is known to exhibit small quantum fluctuations (vacuum fluctuations) in energy and, since the equivalence of mass and energy has been known since early last century, particles can - and do - appear from nothing.



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