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Like all Catholics, Fr D'Arcy doesn't have the right to choose which 'little infants' live and which ones die

letter of the day: pro-life debate

I refer to the article about the self-styled pro-life Father Brian D'Arcy (News, September 15).

This person is supposed to be a Catholic priest, with, one assumes, more than a minimal understanding of Christ's Church and His laws.

Yet you report him as saying: "I have always said to mothers, 'Whatever you choose is the right choice'." Those are not the sentiments of a Catholic. We do not have the right to choose which innocent humans get to live and which ones get to die. He should know that.

Fr D'Arcy, apparently, insists that "his views are still pro-life". I may insist that I'm 5ft 10in tall, but that will not alter the fact that I'm actually 5ft 3in tall. By the same token, Fr D'Arcy cannot, by any reasonable judgment, be considered as "pro-life", when he is supporting the view that some lives are not worth living - no matter how unctuous his feelings for the "little infant(s)" whose "life didn't get a chance".

They don't get a chance, Fr D'Arcy, because they're killed in their mothers' wombs. It's not an accident, it's not an act of God; it's an act of humans.

Fr D'Arcy states that he "doesn't have a problem with having respect, love and care" for the little infant who has been killed. Well, that's a relief. How compassionate of him to back a proposal to have the slaughtered remains of the "little infant(s)" repatriated to Ireland.

Fr D'Arcy thinks "whatever we should do to make the mother and father of that infant good, so much the better. I have no problem with that. In fact, I think it's a good thing to do be compassionate and loving in that situation".

Compassionate and loving? Of course! Fr D'Arcy's "compassion" and "loving" is not restricted to the parents of doomed "infants". No, he has no problem in showing respects to its mortal remains. What a man. What a priest.

Fr D'Arcy has admitted his views may mean his days as a priest are numbered. Oh, if only.


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