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Lily Christian symbol, not a republican one

In photographs published in the Belfast Telegraph (News, April 25), the Easter Lily emblem is displayed on 1916-commemorating republicans' clothing, including lapels and headgear. It is quite incongruous.

The feast of Easter is derived from, and intimately associated with, the movable Holy Christian feast of Easter - ie Christ's rising from the dead.

Down the centuries, certainly in the Latin Catholic tradition, the lily has been and is the potent symbol of St Joseph's purity underlining Christ's Godhead.

Northern republicans claim to be secularists and ideologically outside and above specific religious attachments.

Yet they do not appear to have any scruples in filching religious symbols, particularly Christian and Catholic symbols, for propaganda and display purposes.

I suspect that if republicans were to eschew religious and non-political cultural symbols - ie the Irish/Gaelic language - they would look quite shorn.


Co Fermanagh

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