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Lindy McDowell is a journalist who understands Israel's dilemma

Thank you for Lindy McDowell's incredibly insightful and sensitive article on the anti-Semitic attack on the Belfast synagogue.

At a time when the lack of understanding from journalists of the true situation in Gaza can often be seen in biased, bigoted and dishonest articles and on TV and radio interviews, it is refreshing to see how accurately Lindy has grasped the reality. In her way she has covered two stories in one article, because while there is concern that this is a clearly anti-Semitic attack, in line with so many anti-Semitic outbursts throughout Europe, she has quite rightly linked it the anti-Zionism and sheer hatred of Israel that has increased recently.

She rightly refers to the "sheer scale of the very cleverly manipulated global campaign against Israel", and questions why it is only the one Jewish state in the world that merits this venom when so many horrific things on a greater scale are going on globally. She also points out that no other nation would just sit back and take such unceasing bombardment.

Ms McDowell's clarity of understanding about the awful position Israel finds herself in, forced to resort to heavy attack on Gaza to protect her citizens and cut off the huge maze of tunnels that have been created to facilitate the ability of terrorists to emerge in the heart of villages and kibbutzes right inside the Israel border, is very much appreciated. Would that there were many more journalists and presenters like her.

Joy Wolfe MBE

StandWithUs UK chairman

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