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Linking up with Tories is way forward for us

I WOULD encourage fellow Ulster Unionists to study carefully the letter which Lord Feldman addressed to Tom Elliott, proposing the formation of a new, centre-Right party here.

I have been involved in The Way Forward Group, along with members of various political parties, to explore these ideas and I believe this letter could be a game-changer for the UUP and Northern Ireland Conservatives.

Far more importantly, it is a golden opportunity for Northern Ireland.

Voters are crying out for a centre-Right party which is local, but linked to the UK mainstream.

My vision is of a new positive politics in Northern Ireland that will attract more young people and women to become involved.

The UUP has played a vital role in building a peaceful Northern Ireland, but times change, though, and we have a duty to voters to constantly re-examine how best we can serve all of our people.

I believe that people will be best served by a mainstream, commonsense, centre-Right party with a concrete role in national politics.

Lord Feldman's letter offers that opportunity. It would be remiss of us to dismiss it lightly.


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