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Lisburn has no need for party

I understand that Lisburn City Council is planning to waste £500,000 in a lavish series of street parties to celebrate the 400-year-old town, sorry city, of Lisburn.

At the same time there is an announcement of rate increases across Northern Ireland.

Surely in these depressed times better use could be made of this sum of money? For example, although Lisburn has been exalted to city status, it lacks the necessary cultural facilities such as an art gallery, a concert hall and a theatre. The present multi-purpose arts centre just won't do. Instead of wasting £500,000 celebrating 400 years of Lisburn's history, could it not be used towards funding the building of an art gallery, a concert hall or even a theatre?

The riverside-located Point bar by the bridge would make an excellent theatre or concert venue if tastefully converted.

This would be an asset to Lisburn in attracting visitors to a presently rather bleak town.

Robert Bartoni


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