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Little faith in Executive once policing devolved

On the crucially important matter of community confidence in the devolution of policing and justice, the word I am getting from victims of terrorism and the wider unionist community is that it is just not there.

The inability of the police to protect the community from terrorist attacks is a crying shame; if this is the case with the authority for policing resting in Westminster, what will the situation be when it is devolved to an Executive including politicians still linked to the IRA terror machine?

If our politicians are working for the good of all people in Northern Ireland, as they claim, then the one major objection to the legitimacy of such a claim is the dis-functional nature of the Executive - not just since the Robinson scandal, but for many months.

Imagine having Northern Ireland politicians and the Executive carrying responsibility for policing and justice when they have made such an indescribable mess of education! Can the NI public really say that they can trust these functions to such a novice Executive?

Or, when the Finance Minister claimed recently that the Executive voted £36m "for victims groups," is not only untrue, but is a deliberate ploy on his part to deceive, not only the victims' sector, but the electorate. Sadly there will those who believe such inaccurate talk.

The innocent victims of the IRA - whose representatives are 'governing' or 'controlling' them at Stormont - find the thought utterly repugnant that those who attacked them and murdered their family members, will be in control of policing and justice.


Director, West Tyrone Voice


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