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Little interest in North down South

As a Swedish person living in Dublin since 2006, I have put some effort into trying to understand the complicated situation in the north-east part of this island.

I'm not sure if I have succeeded, but I believe a correct analysis of the current situation is that people in the Republic care a lot less about the whole North/South issue than people in the North, of either persuasion, might realise.

An article in today's Evening Herald - 'RTE and their obsession with Norn Iron' - seems to prove this point. The article says, among other things: "RTE's obsession with treating Northern Ireland as if it was part of the same country probably goes back to the days when the station was a nest of Stickies and subtle (not to mention frequently none-too-subtle) strategies were employed to push Republican agendas on the public.

"After all, we rarely hear (RTE) newsreaders telling us about relatively trivial incidents in Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham yet we're somehow supposed to care about the most dysfunctional part of the United Kingdom."

Most Irish people I have spoken to say they don't really care about what goes on in the North.

Food for thought for both Sinn Fein, who put a lot of emphasis on Irish unity and the Irish language, and the DUP, who use the spectre of Dublin as the harbinger of doom.




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