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Little sympathy for BBC bastion of privilege

You would think, given the BBC is a publicly funded institution, that the corporation might be a bit embarrassed at appointing new director-general Tony Hall, apparently without advertising and without interviewing other candidates. It hardly plays to an equal-opportunity agenda.

No wonder the appointment was greeted with such approval by David Dimbleby who, along with his brother Jonathan, has followed their father, Richard, into the corporation. All Hall needs now is the similar public support of Dan and Peter Snow.

Part of the reason that the BBC has received so little support from the general public and the progressive Left during its recent scandals is that it is still, after all these years, a bastion of privilege.

It doesn't have a culture of being democratically answerable to public complaints, merely of passing on feedback to its elite broadcasters.

And its elitism has a direct impact on its news coverage. Staff all too often interview each other without even having genuine news sources to cite.

It's just all too cosy and sadly irrelevant.


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