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Living by word of God is a true symbol of faith

Paul Kokoski writes (Write Back, March 14) in defence of using religious symbols, such as the cross.

Many religions use symbols and the early Christians also used the sign of a fish as a covert way to identify one another under persecution.

There are similar signs to the cross in pagan religions, such as the ankh from ancient Egypt.

The cross may help to remind us of Jesus' passion, but it should not be venerated of itself.

Let the cross be a simple reminder of Jesus' death at Passover, but the ostentatious and ornate glittering crosses, which are currently being stolen from churches, would not be condoned by Jesus or His disciples and are far from the reality and barbarity of the real thing, made out of roughly hewn wood.

The true sign to others by the followers of Jesus should be the way they live.


Bangor, Co Down

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