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Lo comments misleading

I WAS disappointed and saddened by Alliance MLA Anna Lo's comments in the Belfast Telegraph (Article, October 7).

Her decision to play the 'sectarian card' in regard to South Belfast Ulster Unionist Association's thoughts over the Westminster candidate was ill-informed and inflammatory.

Had Ms Lo checked the facts she would have discovered that the association's email suggesting an agreed DUP, Conservative & Unionist candidate was written three days before my nomination.

Therefore, it is shamefully misleading for Anna Lo to attack the UUP email stating: "Clearly the rhetoric of a new non-sectarian dawn with support for a shared future has been exposed as completely shallow".

It is deeply regrettable that she and her party should try and stir up sectarian tensions where none existed.

It exposes for all to see that her party's 'non-sectarian' raison d'être is a fraud and it is pitiful that Alliance has invented tensions purely for political gain.

I can only hope that her comment is not an indication of how she and her party intend to fight the next election.

At a time when people are losing their jobs and homes, we must all be focused on recession recovery - not outdated rhetoric.


Conservative Party nominee, South Belfast


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