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Local decisions must be made by local people

THE Chancellor's decision to locate an enterprise zone in Coleraine will be welcomed, but will be no consolation to those working in the DVA .

Last September, I asked the finance minister to explore, with the environment minister, the possible devolution of vehicle licensing and registration.

I did so because it made common sense and would have provided some assurance to local workers that decisions regarding their employment will be made by local politicians.

This was not acted on. Instead, what we saw was a demonstration of the impotency of Ulster representation in Westminster and the eventual decision to move these jobs to Britain.

The DUP also led the public to believe Air Passenger Duty would be abolished by the Westminster Government. It didn't happen.

Workers in Coleraine and elsewhere will continue to suffer until unionist politicians change their dogmatic approach to economics and put local workers jobs before their deference to Westminster.


Sinn Fein economy spokesperson

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