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Longing for the simpler life before computers

Thomas Watson, president of IBM in 1943, stated the world only needed five computers. Although frequently ridiculed, I believe he was probably correct.

I'm not a Luddite or a lemming, I just wish computers would disappear. Goodbye Apple and all the rest. They provide no advantage; it was all better in the 1970s and 1980s.

Who can read a book on a tablet? Give me a break. All the video stores are gone, bookstores are struggling, there are no record stores. Now, why would a man go to the mall?

I take pictures with a roll of film and get 24 or 36 prints. Who wants 100 snaps of the same thing? I buy vinyl and glorious CDs. I don't want to download music on some annoying, fragile gizmo with a thousand songs on it.

Then there's the endless robotic nightmare of being bullied into applying endless tedious passwords and usernames. I had a subscription to The New Yorker, but I still bought the magazine at the bookstore.

I bank at the bank, I don't get hacked at the bank. I get statements delivered with stamps on envelopes - like God intended.

I have a real, actual, human travel agent who now has a tiny office with genuine knowledge and experience.

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I don't want to be my own travel agent. I don't want to read the same news on 50 different "newspapers", or free blogs with absolutely no content. Or have estate agents tell me they would rather "not waltz me about" in their mini-vans, it was "all on their website".

One day soon I'll Google search for a time machine for an era without gizmo salesmen and stupid "smartphones".

Also, can you please spare me the world of precocious, genius teenagers - as only they can fix my precarious internet signal.


Ontario, Canada