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Look after farmers, not Brussels' suits

The £60m fine being imposed on Northern Ireland by European Union agriculture chiefs is further evidence of the depths the crooks in Brussels will go to in their pursuit of the destruction of the United Kingdom.

The European Union has been unable to sign off its own accounts for 14 years. Clearly this is classic EU 'do as we say, not as we do'.

They are unable to sign off the EU accounts as the levels of fraud are such that they have no idea where the money goes. How dare they attack the farming industry of Northern Ireland. If politicians didn't have their noses so firmly stuck in the EU trough, they might stand up to the unelected European bureaucrats. The money the Northern Ireland farmers received was not European money; it was British taxpayers' money in the first place. At a time of cutbacks, it is time to end the European nightmare and start looking after our own people for a change.


UK Independence Party, Lancaster


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