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Look for the solutions, not the problems

THE events of the past week have highlighted again that too many in positions of leadership simply focus on the problems faced by our society without actually committing themselves to solutions.

While it is an absolute that we have to share the future, we can either do so in the way that we have done in the past and which led to more than 3,600 deaths, thousands injured and deep divisions, or we can commit ourselves to a genuinely shared and constructive future, where we work and live together in peace and stability.

What has been missed in recent days is that the proven solutions to the problems are sitting there. They have already been tried and tested, albeit often on a small scale, and shown to work.

With proper leadership, particularly from our political classes, but wider civic society as well, actions could be rolled out that would greatly assist in bringing long-term stability to our society.


NI Conservatives

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